The Fashion Circle Blow Campus Wind with Cambridge Satchel

The shoulder bag under the single, briskly turned the Cambridge town bike lanes, and the wind in the ear shout away, this time was about campus yearning. Now, even if you cannot enter Cambridge to study, you still can spend less than 100 pounds to buy cambridge satchel. In 2012, it is the most worthy fashion bag.

Colorful Cambridge Satchel

Neutral, square founder, cowhide quality of a material, can be adjusted with the unraveling of single for double back and the most traditional clamshell and double clasp design, Cambridge pack, seem to be any fancy and outstanding place, but time you can frequently in the fashion blog and see it in the street pats, stylist sichuan long the ling brand Comme des Garcons is joined with launched CDG x Cambridge Satchel, let the Cambridge pack appeared in Paris fashion week's show on field.

Maybe the atmosphere is blundering, people of the famous complex strong, popular in first 17 th century Oxford University of Oxford shoes are was hot for several years, and finally, in 2011, "Oxbridge" for the Cambridge also made great contribution to the fashion world. Cambridge bag company was founded in 2008 by living in Cambridge Freda Thomas (Freda Thomas) and her daughter Julie-dean (Julie Deane) common management.

Julie has two children, 11 years old daughter Emily and 9 year old son Max. At first, Julie just could not find a suitable for their children to go to school with the bag, then in your kitchen and mother freda together to design such a package, and contact with artisans. Then she at the school gate at hold a stands for children earn fees. In Julie imagination, this should is harry potter and hermione at hogwarts school back in the bag, so the initial Cambridge pack just in primary and middle school students orientation. Cambridge bag company starting funds only 600 pounds, sales of the bag for every week 3 only.

However unexpected is, some adolescence has already been fashion blogger found of this bag and began to great demand, such as from Sweden model, ranking third in the fashion blog Fashionsquad blogger of caroling-eng mann (Carolina Engman) was carrying her many times that style of green Cambridge pack appeared in street snap photographer camera. There is quite a fashionable power IT Girl to Cambridge pack quickly brought attention, fashion magazine "Vogue", "Marie Claire" and "Elle, etc in the fashion industry has fully discourse right over the media will follow. Now, the fashion world became the Cambridge pack's main market.

Nowadays, according to report in July, cambridge satchels of the week sales in 36 countries has amounted to only 1500. Company annual turnover in 2008 to 9000 pounds, 2011 years up to 790000 pounds, and this year it is expected to reach 8 million pound. All of this is unexpected by the mother and daughter. Now you only need to wait for at least a month when a Cambridge bag from the order to receiving. It is amazing and wonderful.

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