December 23, at noon on the main site reports index

According to securities times nets ( statistics, sina, netease and sohu nets with dispatch, and, phoenix nets on December 23, 66 at noon on the reports continue to general assembly of the United Nations 22 afternoon held a regular meeting, before north Korea ambassador to the United Nations to the request of the delegation, according to practice of the death of 17, north Korea's leader Kim jong il held a ceremony in silence.
According to the report, 66 session of the UN general assembly President nasser at noon on the United Nations headquarters in New York held year-end press conference reveal, north Korea ambassador to the United Nations general assembly has received a delegation of silence for Kim jong il the application requirements. "Based on the UN's procedural, precedent and etiquette, luen tai will be the second committee in the afternoon before the meeting observed a minute of silence for Kim jong il."
Netease and sohu nets also reported on the bohai sea bank exceeds one hundred million yuan loans were gone missing businessman of the news. According to reports, the bohai sea bank nanjing branch of the biggest issue a ZongChao one hundred million yuan loans, was the end of August this year the missing nanjing yu Yang group President studios roll away. Jiangsu silver inspect bureau has sent a workgroup to investigate the matter.
In addition, sohu nets, tencent, with dispatch, sina focus on Germany confirmed by the arrest to South Korea for the patriot missile exports of events. According to xinhua, a spokesman for the German ministry of defense said 22, recently in Finland southern port is the police seized more than 69 surface-to-air missiles and incidental "patriot" for the German federal axis of explosives in stock, and has obtained the export of South Korea legitimate arms export license.